Our Beliefs

We believe that Jesus is who he claimed to be –

• the unique Son of God,

• who died and rose again to life,

• who alone has the right to rule the universe, and

• who alone has the power to rescue and restore a lost world.

We seek to encourage people to explore these claims of Jesus for themselves and to build their lives upon Him as their Ruler and Rescuer.

We believe that the Bible is the word of God. We believe that what the Bible says, God says. We seek to listen to God through relevant and practical Bible teaching and to trust Him in obedience to it.

We believe God’s spirit unites us as God’s family. We seek to develop caring relationships with one another flowing out of our relationship with God as our Father.

We retain and approve the teaching and principles of the Church of England embodied in the Book of Common Prayer, the historic Creeds , and the 39 Articles of Religion.

If you would like to find out more about who Jesus is and why he is important, we would love to help you. You are welcome to join one of our Services or Bible Studies, or David is always happy to chat over a cuppa. You can reach him on 6732 5558.